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Bretta is a valued member of Roseborough Travel's team of travel consultants. She came all the way "across the pond" to join us in America. You will easily tell who Bretta is from her lovely British accent. Bretta is an amazing travel consultant. She has traveled through Europe on a consistent basis, she is obviously our Great Britain EXPERT.

Bretta is also a Wedding and Honeymoon Expert having gotten married at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica herself. Bretta is well versed in planning the destination weddings and honeymoons of our clients dreams. As an extention to this expertise she has a strong focus in all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Bretta has traveled, toured, and booked a great many all-inclusive properties as well as specializes in the Sandals Resorts.

Favorite Destination: Kenya was one of Bretta's favorite destinations because it was so different from any holiday she had ever taken. Seeing the plains of Africa, the height of the giraffes in the distance, and being so close to the wild was simply a magical and moving experience. Her safari ranks right up as a favorite destination.

Greece was Brettas other favorite destination.  The quaint, white washed scenery, clear blue waters, and picturesque imagery is unspoiled by commercialization. My favorite thing to do was to sit back in a traditional Greek Taverna and enjoy this lovely scenery in this amazing destination.

Vacation Memory: One of the best vacation memories was when I went to Africa. We had a great tour guide, a big African man named George who was simply a big teddy bear. He took a group of seven of us agents through the Safari and game drive to see these amazing animals in the wild. At one point he backed up enough to get us right into a heard of elephants that were passing by. We had total confidence in his ability to drive us around.

If the Elephant experience wasn't enough, and I didn't think it would get any better my trip was made complete when we came across the school children of the area. They were dressed perfectly in their little uniforms and you could tell they had to walk miles to get to school. When they got close to our vehicle we stopped and gave them something simple as a colored pencil and the children were so in love with this small gesture. As we drove off we could see these beautiful little children walking with the biggest grins holding their prized colored pencils high in the air as if we gave them gold. The experience with the school children was one of the most touching and moving experiences I had in my travels- they made my trip complete.










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