I grew up and worked in DeLand and Volusia County area, graduated from DHS and worked at several tourist attractions (WDW, Universal Studios, & Wet N’Wild). I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel on long hauls with my dad, as a truck driver. I hauled from the last time in an 18-wheeler & went to South Texas to live. I’ve taken day trips across the border to Mexico, mostly staying near the border towns, but this experience allowed me to see and experience the true Mexican culture of its people. I spent my 21st birthday there and armed with $21 in my pocket, I lavished a lobster dinner, was serenaded by a mariachi band, danced on the town and quenched my thirst with drink. It was a night to remember, and I came home with $2 still in my pocket! I had a pretty good night, by any standard.

Prior to my trip south of the border, I’ve traveled to my birth state of New York, staying mostly confined to family homes, which were plentiful, as my mom is the 10th of 12 children. New York vacations were always full and busy. Finally, in 2016, I was able to visit New York and New York City and was able to include being a tourist. I was still with family and able to share in the enjoyment of my experience. I travel into the city and Central Park several times, did some fantastic shopping, enjoyed the best meals and made new acquaintances. It’ll be another lasting memory.

I can say I’ve traveled as far north as Canada, as I visited Niagara Falls in the winter time. Florida girl + icy grounds = lots of falling! The falls raged with power and majesty. A true natural wonder and the first time I experienced snow. It was truly fantastic.

Eventually, my world was taken over by children (3) and a husband in 1994. Most recently, my hubby and I took a short and unplanned trip to the Bahamas. It was a nice surprise and a total enjoyment. I can’t wait until our anniversary trip next year!

I am beginning a new life in the working world again, as a travel consultant. My life as a stay at home mom has closed its last chapter this past spring, and a new travel adventure begins!


Most Recent Trip: Nassau in 2018, NYC in 2016


Where do you want to travel to next? We’ll be going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Western Caribbean!


Funny Travel Story: I took a trip with a boyfriend who was born and raised in northern New York. He took me to see his world and Niagara Falls. My first fall – getting out of the truck. One second, I was standing, the next… I was flat on my back! What happened? Then, walking towards the falls, I heard it raging with power and wet mist filled the air like a fog. Suddenly, the second fall. Only this time, I didn’t just fall. I fell and slid downhill on the ice – towards the falls! As I screamed my last terrifying words of help and despair, while my boyfriend humorously looked on, walking and hysterically laughing along the way, I saw my life coming to a premature end as I plummeted to my death “without a barrel.” Instead, I finally came to a slow stop. Clearly, I didn’t die, but my boyfriend died laughing.


Favorite Place in the World: The beach and being with good company. If all goes well, the location shouldn’t matter.



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