Galapagos Islands Wildlife Expedition

Luxury, All-Inclusive Galapagos Cruise

July 11 - 21, 2019


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A Galápagos expedition cruise, enjoyed aboard Silver Galapagos, brings you to one of the most isolated places in the world to encounter an abundant variety of wildlife species that is incredibly unique and found nowhere else on earth. Lying just off the western coast of South America, the Galápagos archipelago is inaccessible to most, yet this isolation has allowed nature to develop in ways exclusive to the islands. Experience it all with complimentary exploration activities including Zodiac tours, snorkeling, kayaking and nature hikes led by our highly experienced guides certified by the National Park of the Galápagos.





July 11-12, 2019 - Overnight in Quito, Ecuador

We will depart via luxury motorcoach from Roseborough Travel Agency and take a flight from Orlando to Quito, Ecuador. Spend your first two nights in a luxury hotel in Quito.

July 13, 2019 - Baltra, Ecuador

Baltra Island, also known as South Seymour, is the gateway through which most people enter and depart the Galapagos Island. Upon arrival and once through immigration’s procedures, visitors are transferred directly to a nearby dock to join the ship by Zodiac. The runway was first constructed here during World War II when the island was used as a US Army Air Base. Located near the geographic center of the Galapagos, the island itself is small, flat and arid. Daphne Major is a volcanic tuff crater island, located to the north of Santa Cruz Island not far from Baltra International Airport. Circumnavigating the island by ship will reveal the rocky outcropping from all angles as it rises approximately 120 meters (390 feet) above sea level. Usually only scientists are allowed to land on Daphne, so it will be a special event to come in close with the ship and watch for Nazca and Blue-footed Boobies, frigatebirds, Red-billed Tropicbirds, Brown Noddies, Brown Pelicans, and Swallow-tailed Gulls riding the sea breezes swirling around this rugged landmass.

July 14, 2019 - Bahia Darwin & El Barranco, Genovesa

At Genovesa Island the ship tucks into Darwin Bay, an ancient volcanic crater now flooded by the sea. Zodiacs land on a picturesque sandy beach where Galapagos sea lions often rest on the fine, white sand. Explorations along the shore may reveal marine iguanas looking like prehistoric dinosaurs in miniature. By heading inland a short distance visitors could encounter seabirds of all shapes and sizes nesting in the vegetation. Scores of immature Red-footed Boobies perch on branches within an arm’s reach of the path.

July 15, 2019 - Seymour Norte & Bahia Sullivan, Santiago

The lava fields of Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island will inevitably remind visitors of the surface of the moon. As brilliant red Sally Lightfoot crabs scuttle along the black volcanic shores, learn about the formation of the islands through geological forces from your guides. The lava flows here are just over one hundred years old and date back to 1897. The lava took on a rope-like appearance and geologists have adopted a Hawaiian word, pahoehoe, as the technical name for this kind of volcanic rock.

July 16, 2019 - Rabida & El Eden, Santa Cruz

Rabida Island has received accolades for being one of the most exotic spots on earth and while it is small in size, the island is dramatic in scale. Rugged red cliffs rise from the sea and Zodiacs land onto a beach of dark red sand colored by iron ore. Ghost crabs and Galapagos sea lion pups often rest on the russet sands. Further inland, the rusty sand gives way to shrubby coastal vegetation dominated by prickly-pear cactus. Common Cactus Finches feed on the yellow flowers while Darwin finches and lava lizards skitter across the path in search of food.

Just off Santa Cruz, Eden Islet offers up a thick coastal mangrove forest growing on black volcanic boulders peppered with tall prickly pear cactus. Eden is a small, eroded tuff cone from an ancient volcano, and is an excellent example of the unique geology of the Galápagos. The shallow waters around the island are ideal for spotting Pacific green sea turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays, sea lions, marine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs.

July 17, 2019 - San Cristobal

On the northern shore of San Cristobal Island is a peninsula known as Punta Pitt. The point is made up of two coalesced volcanoes and is much younger than the rest of the island. Some of the lava flows are only a few centuries old. From a sandy beach Zodiac landing leads a long walk following a twisting red gravel path that runs through black basalt lava rocks, and between craggy peaks. The vegetation along the way is low and scrubby, and attractive blue-gray lichen grows on the rocks.

July 18, 2019 - Española

Isla Champion is a small islet off Floreana Island’s northeast coast. To cruise by it reveals a bare, rocky island without much allure, but to enter the infinitely blue waters around this small landmass is to discover a spectacular underwater realm. The visibility is generally impressive and thanks to this water clarity snorkelers often spot reef sharks patrolling the reef wall, cruising Pacific green turtles, and playful Galapagos sea lions. Encounters in the blue with thousands of small silver minnows, large tuna fish, or oceanic sunfish are not unheard of either.

Punta Suárez lies at the western point of Española, the oldest island in the Galápagos. Sheer cliffs provide superb thermals for seabirds and you may spot Swallowtailed Gulls, Nazca Boobies and Blue-footed Boobies on the breeze. The largest seabird to nest in the Galapagos Islands is the Waved Albatross. These ocean wanderers can be seen seasonally here from April through December, when pairs reunite on Española, going through an elaborate pair-bonding display. Mockingbirds, doves, and occasional Galápagos Hawks can also be seen on the point, along with sea lions and colorful marine iguanas.

July 19, 2019 - Estacion Darwin, Puerto Ayora, & Plazas Sur

Silver Galapagos will anchor in front of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, where the prestigious Charles Darwin Research Station is located. The station also houses the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center for giant tortoises and land iguanas where guides interpret the center’s captive breeding and reintroduction programs. In addition to these star species, throughout the station there are huge prickly pear cactus trees being fed upon by the pretty Galapagos Cactus Finch. To round out the stay in Puerto Ayora, enjoy free time in town where local artists have created charming art galleries and corner cafés.

San Cristobal

Like so many of the islands in the Galapagos, San Cristobal is formed by dormant volcanoes. It lies to the east of the archipelago and is one of the oldest islands in the group. Approximately 6,000 people live on the island, making their living from tourism, fishing, in government offices, or off the rich volcanic soils with some limited farming existing in the highlands. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the southwestern tip of the island is the capital city of the Galapagos Islands. A statue of Charles Darwin graces the harbor, marking one of the first places he likely stepped ashore in the 1830s.

July 20-21, 2019 - Disembark & Fly Home

Disembark the amazing Galapagos Wildlife Expedition and take a flight to Guayaquil, where you will have a day room. Return home after your overnight flight back to the United States. 


Pricing Starting From $7,749 per person. Ask Your Travel Agent for more details!


Roseborough Travel Cancellation Policy:

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120-91 days prior to departure - 15% per person

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Your Roseborough Exclusive Galapagos Expedition Includes:

• Round trip luxury coach transportation to Orlando International Airport (MCO).

• Round trip Airfare & transfers in Ecuador.

• Flights between Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

• 2 Pre-nights Hotel Accommodation.

• All National Park fees.

• Personalized service – the best crew-to-guest ratio in expedition cruising.

• Butler service in every stateroom - all guests are pampered equally.

• Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship – select wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees and soft drinks, plus your own tailored mini-bar.

• In-suite dining and room service.

• Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team.

• Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shoreside activities led by the Expeditions Team.

• Gratuities always included in your fare.

• Wifi Package.

• Baggage handling.

• Group Leader: Amanda Vallone.


Not Included:

• Does not include travel insurance.*

*Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Group Leader:

Amanda Vallone






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Message from the Group Leader:

Often times we have very well traveled clients who have essentially "been there & done that." Expedition cruising to the Galapagos Islands is certainly for the explorer who has been nearly everywhere. Take a luxury Galapagos cruise and discover what inspired Darwin: watch sea lions play, birds dance and giant tortoises trudge along completely unafraid of humans. Wander through fragrant forests, on colorful sands and dive into the crystal-clear waters that are a veritable snorkeler’s paradise. If snorkeling with sea lions and hike along lava tunnels and back to the beginning of time peek your interest, then a Galapagos Expedition Cruise might just be for you. Silversea's Galapagos cruise ships take you to the remote islands, whilst indulging you in the unrivalled all-suite comfort and elegant sophistication in which they are famed for.  Watch bellowing elephant bulls challenge each other in a spectacular display. Admire the courtship of a Blue-footed Booby. Step over iguanas basking in the sun. It is not only the abundance of wildlife, but their fearlessness that makes the Galápagos island cruise a nature lover’s dream.


After my most recent adventure to Africa, I can certainly say Galapagos will be my next dream come true. I would love for you to join me!