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June 8 - 20, 2020


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June 8, 2020 - Civitavecchia (Rome) - Embark

Today we embark on our journey! Rome is both a modern bustling city and an ancient open-air museum. You can walk in the footsteps of emperors, have coffee in Renaissance piazzas and see contemporary art all in one afternoon.

June 9, 2020 - Salerno, Italy

Charming Salerno, on Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast, brims with pleasures. Stroll the quiet narrow streets of the old city to discover hidden architectural gems, small shops, interesting churches, and restaurants serving excellent regional cuisine. Marvel at the marble and mosaic wonders of the 11thcentury Duomo dedicated to Saint Matthew, whose tomb is in the crypt.

June 10, 2020 - Day at Sea

June 11, 2020 - Thira (Santorini), Greece

Santorini, the jewel in the crown of Greece's Cyclades, is best known as the island with the giant volcanic caldera at its heart. All but the largest ships can anchor here in this stunningly scenic bay. Cruise visitors who come for an afternoon or a day can immerse themselves in the art, food and legendary wines of this island that some believe may have been the site of the lost civilization of Atlantis. On Santorini you can do as Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, would do and sample the island's wonderful wines or play Indiana Jones and explore the archaeological treasures of ancient Thera. Santorini's pleasures will likely leave you with a taste for more and planning your return. 

June 12, 2020 - Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Kusadasi in Turkey is the gateway to one of the most legendary cities of the ancient world: Ephesus. St. Paul preached in its Great Theater, while the facade of the Celsus Library survives as a testament to the city’s role as a center of learning and culture.

Not far from Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis (also known as the Temple of Diana), one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, once stood, drawing pilgrims from around the Mediterranean. While it no longer stands, it is possible to walk amongst its foundations and the remains of its towering columns.    

June 13, 2020 - Cruising the Dardanelles

On the far northwest coast of Turkey, the 60-kilometer-long (37-mile-long) Dardanelles divides the continents of Europe and Asia, and is the sole waterway between the Aegean and Marmara seas and beyond to the Black Sea. For this reason, the Dardanelles has, for millennia, been a strategic gateway for both the shipping trade and military campaigns to Istanbul and the Black Sea region. Cutting off trade and supplies through the Dardanelles has been a winning strategy for many civilizations—the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, British, Russians and the Turks—all of whom have fought to gain power and control over this narrow strait.

June 13 - 14, 2020 - Istanbul, Turkey (Overnight)

Arriving in Istanbul, Turkey, on board a ship is an unforgettable experience. The Bosphorus, dividing Europe and Asia, welcomes passengers with ocean breezes, soaring seagulls and—if you're lucky—playful dolphins that frolic en route to the port. On deck is where the views of Istanbul's best attractions await. The shores of Asia to the east, the first Bosphorus Bridge to the north, and the "old Istanbul" peninsula in the south—home to Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia—give a glimpse of what's to come on your visit. but once you step ashore in Istanbul, you'll find the most interesting parts of the city—neighborhoods with personalities of their own. Explore the sights of bohemian Beyo─člu: a contemporary district brimming with galleries and street art, back street bars, cafes and fashion outlets that line the busy shopping avenue—Istiklal Caddesi. Meanwhile, across the Golden Horn, Zeyrek's ancient timber houses made it a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site where people live a traditional way of life. 

June 15, 2020 - Mykonos, Greece

One of the most visited of Greece's Cyclades Islands, Mykonos is also known by the lyrical name of "the island of winds." The name comes from its first ruler, Mykons, son of the god Apollo. Today, you'll see what look like the descendants of the gods lounging on Mykonos's beaches—the island is known for being a lure for the rich and beautiful and was once a favorite vacation destination of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her entourage. Although a mystique of money and hedonism still lingers around the island, there's lots to see, do, taste and buy in Mykonos that's accessible to us mere mortals. There's also the simple beauty of Greek windmills, whitewashed houses clinging to the hills and charming tavernas with terraces open to the sky and the sea air.

June 16, 2020 - Piraeus (Athens), Greece

No modern metropolis is more steeped in myth than Athens, Greece. From the gritty port of Piraeus—gateway to Greece’s fabled isles—to the Parthenon—eternal symbol of Western civilization—Athens has attracted adventurers and classicists for centuries. This heritage is still very much alive for modern visitors sightseeing in Athens: ancient stadiums and temples dwell alongside apartment blocks, modern performances are staged in the marble amphitheaters where Greek drama was born and millennia-old monuments are scattered in the archaeological park that circles the Acropolis.

One of the world’s oldest maritime powers, Athens is blessed with a balmy climate and stunning coastline. The seaside suburbs of Athens are scalloped with sandy beaches, fancy yacht clubs and glamorous beach bars. While the Athenian lifestyle is known for late-night dinners and dancing until dawn, the city shines brightly by day in the bustling markets, lively cafés and fascinating museums that illuminate Greece's past and present. Contemplate the magnitude of all that culture and ancient tourist attractions while marveling at the sun setting into the Aegean or rising over the Acropolis.

June 17, 2020 - Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

The port of Katakolon is the gateway to the Peloponnese, one of Greece’s most intriguing and least well-known areas. Beyond the region’s famous site of ancient Olympia—one of the most treasured remnants of the classical world—the Peloponnese gets little of the glory given the Greek islands and Athens. And it deserves much more, as you’re about to discover.

A distinctly Greek welcome can be experienced here like nowhere else. The region reveals what it means to be Greek: traditions that go back thousands of years, simple but delicious and healthy cuisine, towering mountains, crystal blue seas and, above all, the true hospitality of the people. In Greek, xenos means "stranger," but the word also means "guest," and a respectful traveler will be treated like a favored friend.

In addition to Olympia, which is unmissable, the Peloponnese offers lesser-known but majestic and ancient sites, natural wonders and an insight into the traditional rural life that still endures in this country. Take the time to explore and see as much as possible—your efforts will be more than rewarded.

June 18, 2020 - Kerkira, Nisos Kerkira (Corfu), Greece

Corfu is the pearl of the Ionian Sea, attracting royalty from across Europe in the 19th century, and modern celebrities from all over the world ever since. The island reflects a triple heritage. As well as being undeniably Greek, the culture and food also show a clear nod towards nearby Italy, particularly Venice, whose fortresses dot the island. The British influence may be unexpected, but as they ruled the island for many years, they have left such surprises in the Mediterranean as cricket and ginger beer. The bustling atmosphere of Corfu Town remains elegant, infused with culture and history. Parts of the rest of the island have been overdeveloped, but there are still great swaths that epitomize why the Greek islands are still regarded as the most beautiful in the world, with white-sand beaches backed by verdant mountains hiding traditional old villages. It is easy to see how Corfu has inspired generations of writers: from Shakespeare, through Edward Lear, to Gerald Durrell. A true gem.

June 19, 2020 - Day at Sea

June 20, 2020 - Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy - Disembark

Our journey comes to an end as we arrive back to port with fond memories of our trip. 


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    Ephesus and Highlights
    Jun 12 2020 7:30AM (8 hours)
    Location: Kusadasi


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Exclusive Shore Excursion:
Ephesus and Highlights
Kusadasi, Turkey
Tour Date: June 12, 2020
Tour Length: 8 Hours
Meals: Lunch
Activity Level: Moderate
Shore Event Experiences: Culture, History, Sightseeing
Your tour begins with the possible remains of the House of the Virgin Mary. Officially recognized by the Vatican in 1896, it is a pilgrimage site for both Christians and Muslims today.
Next, you'll enter the "Open Air Museum of Ephesus." You'll first be guided through the "Terrace Houses of Ephesus" by a historical expert.
Once you've completed your tour of the houses, you'll next discover the Serapis Temple accompanied by an archaeologist—as excavations are currently ongoing.
From there, continuing past the Celsus Library to the end of the marble street, you can gaze upon at Ephesus' impressive amphitheater, where St. Paul once preached to the Ephesians. As the largest theater in antiquity, it has a capacity of 24,000 seats.
Leaving Ephesus, you will proceed to the Ephesus Archaeological Museum" where you'll be escorted through exhibits tracing the history of the ancient city. Combining the information at the Open-Air Museum and the Archaeology Museum will provide you a thorough idea of ancient Ephesus.
Head back to Kusadasi for lunch at a five-star hotel before being driven to a carpet-weaving center where you will be able to witness, learn and perhaps even join in on the timeless craft. After this, you'll have the freedom to return to the ship or stay in town.