I grew up near San Juan, Puerto Rico, where there are beautiful beaches and amazing food. I moved to Boston, MA, after high school and really love all the history of the north east. I have family in Brooklyn and have enjoyed going to NYC many times. I moved to Miami, FL, to attend Florida International University and after graduation I found myself in Deland, and I love it here.


Best Travel Experience: I really enjoyed my trip to Rome, where we also rode a high speed train to Florence. 


Most Recent Trip: We went to Las Vegas in February 2018, and Hilton Head Island, SC, in May 2018. 


Where do you want to travel to next? I am looking forward to San Francisco, Hawaii and Los Angeles in September 2018.


What do you look for in traveling? I love good food and want to experience all that a new destination offers.


Favorite place to be in the entire world? Boston, MA, is one of my favorites.


Favorite Place to Get Food: I love the food in Boston - So many unique markets represented! 


Favorite souvenir from a trip? A smile and a tan are always my favorite souvenirs!



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